Where to Eat the Best Chicken Pho in Hanoi


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If beef is not a favorite kind of meat you want for pho (noodle soup), try chicken. There are two versions of pho, beef pho and chicken pho. Hanoi is known as the best place in the world to eat both chicken and beef noodle soups.

In other posts, we talked about what’s pho and where to eat the best beef pho in Hanoi Old Quarter and in the French Quarter. Despite being not as popular as beef pho, chicken pho has its own charms.

As pho lovers known, “pho” means rice noodles and “ga” means chicken. Chicken pho, or pho ga in Vietnamese, simply means chicken noodle soup. A bowl of chicken pho consists of soft rice noodles, sliced or shredded chicken meat, and fragrant chicken broth.

In this article, we would like to ask you to join us on our quest of the best chicken pho in Hanoi. Following places are our votes for the best chicken pho in Hanoi, based on our own experiences being Hanoi foodie guides. Hope it help you find out your preferred place to eat chicken pho.

1. Pho Tien

Pho Tien is one of our all-time favorite pho restaurants, especially whenever we miss the flavor of a delicious chicken pho. Pho Tien offers an eye-catching sliced chicken meat, clear and light broth, well selected scallion and thinly sliced lime leaves topping the noodle soup. Yummy!

Pho Tien Nguyen Truong To

Like most chicken pho places, curious travelers can see the making of their meal right at the entrance. The owner and his wife are friendly and attentive to every customer, making the order as easy as it should be for foreign travelers. Travelers visiting Truc Bach Lake and Tran Quoc Pagoda are about 10 minutes walking distance from this location.

  • Address: 50 Nguyen Truong To Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 6h00 to 13h00, 18h00 to 21h00.

2. Pho Tinh

Pho Tinh is among the oldest chicken noodle soup restaurants in Hanoi Old Quarter, the business is now being operated by the family’s third generation. The place is busy at lunch and dinner times, though we don’t need to queue like other traditional pho restaurants in the city.

Pho Tinh 42 Quan Thanh

Pho Tinh serves only chicken noodle soup, and you eat like the locals by ordering extra eggs, some fried breadsticks, or Vietnamese iced tea. From outside, the place looks quite small, but its space inside is a lot bigger and is suitable for small groups of travelers. Their prices are very reasonable!

Both Pho Tien and Pho Tinh locate at the northern edge of the Old Quarter, making them good walking distances. Like other traditional pho restaurants in Hanoi, you don’t need a reservation.

  • Address: 42 Quan Thanh Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 6h00 to 21h00

3. Pho Ga Bao Khanh – Huyen Huong Restaurant

Located on a quiet Bao Khanh Street connecting the Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Trong Street, Huyen Huong Restaurant has been regarded by the locals as one of the best chicken noodle soup restaurant in town.

Chicken pho Bao Khanh

Chicken Pho Huyen Huong

The chicken meat is like free range chicken, so it’s a bit hard – that’s why it’s loved. A bowl of chicken pho is really meaty, the broth is naturally sweet, and it’s flavored with basil and cilantro. A bit pricy (60.000d/bowl) compared to other places, but delicious soup with comfortable sittings – so well worth the price.

  • Address: 20 Bao Khanh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 6h30 – 20h00
  • Phone: 024 3828 8430
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