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Food is the purest example and expression of an entire cultural and regional identity. The best way to discover more about a foreign city, especially one that’s as rich in history and culture as Hanoi, is through an exclusive gastronomic experience in the form of an intimate, and intuieractive tour with a local foodie guide. 

At Bun Cha Obama

Perfectly integrated into the history, architecture and culture of the 1000 year-old capital Hanoi, Flavors of Hanoi proves it as the number one private food tour in the city, capturing the ethos with its comprehensive tours. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at that.

As we all know, nothing quite sums up a place like its street foods. A sparkling reflection of the daily life of a city, Flavors of Hanoi takes visitors to the city on its leisurely walking food tours that are both educational and experiential, delighting the senses and tantalising the taste buds. 

Touring Hanoi fruit market

Exposing expert knowledge gathered over the years of being tour guides, this personalized service guarantees a memorable experience that enables guests to perfectly get the most out of their trip to Vietnam’s capital city.

Your foodie guide is a talented and knowledgeable sage when it comes to Hanoi, earning a great deal of respect for their expertise. Not just offering gastronomic advice, but acting as a genuine guide to the city, presenting a side of Hanoi that can easily be missed if you aren’t looking for it. 

Visiting a Hanoian Home

Each of the tours take guests off the beaten track and into an entirely different world, one that is lived in by the locals and far from the tourist attractions of the Hoan Kiem Lake or Hanoi Train Street.

As food tours have become more popular, Flavors of Hanoi leads the way in providing a first-class service that is unparalleled in the city. Genuinely delighted to meet visitors of all sorts, their foody team can cater to any specific needs required. From solo travelers to group trips, couples to families, they can meet any and all requirements. 

The fluid nature of food availability and different neighborhoods mean that no two Hanoi food tours in their foodie experiences need be the same, with the guides adapting tours to match seasonal specialties, special interests and food allergies as required.

Tasting medical wine

Hanoi Home-hosted dinner

On each personalized itinerary, they combinate differing Hanoi elements such as a guided tasting of Vietnamese, French and Chinese influenced dishes with medical rice wine or perhaps a group dinner in an intimate local family with a home cooked meal, you can be sure of an experience that the group is likely to keep talking about for a long time afterwards.

Any vendors visited on these delightful trips are vetted to ensure that their delicacies match up the high standards that Flavors of Hanoi has become renowned for. This dedication to providing the finest quality product is reflected in the warm relationships that Flavors of Hanoi maintains with vendors, and it transferred to guests. 

Eating Cha Ca La Vong

Always keeping an eye out for the next exciting thing, Flavors of Hanoi is the place to be if you want to learn about the lates development in the Hanoian food scene.

With plans to grow underway, we look forward to seeing more Flavors of Hanoi tours that show the hidden depths of Hanoi and its culture in all its beauty.

Eating pho bo

To truly explore Hanoi while sampling its food, book a personal street food tour with Flavors of Hanoi.


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