Live A Day in the Life of Hanoian

– Spend A Day In Hanoi As A True Local –


Suggested 9h00


3 Delicious hours

Tour Type

Private tour

Tour Cost

$60 Per Person

Group Size

Maximum 8 travelers


Walk & Eat. Distance walked is about 1.9 miles (3km)


Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and Allergies are accommodated.


Tours are rain/shine and great anytime! 

Day in the Life of Hanoian DESCRIPTION


From the dawn of day, signs of life begin on misty streets in Hanoi. Local shopkeepers sweep the sidewalk in front of their stores, the hoking from somewhere grows louder as people ride around on motorbikes, and small groups of women do laugher yoga while men smoke from their bamboo pipes watching the traffic.


This Day in the Life of Hanoian exposes the city through our taste buds, we eat like locals do. Get under the skin of the buzzing streets as we walk into a local noodle restaurant, where little tables are packed with people hunching over their bowls, dipping their vermicelli in the warm meaty broth, and we’re most welcome.

Traverse across a busy sidewalk café full of plastic stools to taste the famous Vietnamese coffee, enjoy the traditional brew that intensifies the wonderful flavor of the Robusta and sweeten condensed milk.

Join local passengers on a public bus running through the Old Quarter’s streets to truly experience the city’s public transport system, then walk into a maze of narrow alleys on our way reaching the train street – where locomotives rumble down an active track just inches away from homes and other buildings.

Also, we visit a Hanoian family and get to know about their daily life in the city. Enjoy chatting with them over a cup of tea, with the help from your foodie guide facilitating your conversations, you may want to find out which room is traditionally the most important in their house and why.

A Hanoian


Prices quoted are on a per person and a private group bases

3 – 5 PAX
6 – 8 PAX




Food tastings vary according to travelers’ preferences

Hanoi beef noodle soup

Pho Bo

Beef Noodle Soup

Talk With Mr. Khoa

Mr. Khoa – The Owner of the Egg Coffee Shop

Hanoi's Old Houses

French Architecture on Nguyen Sieu Street

Street Eats Hanoi

Tasting Hanoi’s Famous Young Sticky Rice

Visiting A Local Home

Be Invited to Drink Tea at a Local Home

Tasting Medicinal Herb Wine

Got Invited to Taste Medicinal Herb Wine On Medical Street

Tasting medicinal herb wine


Hanoi Flower Vendor
* * *
Hanoi Train Street is original meter-gauge tracks running through a cramped thoroughfare of Hanoi Old Quarter before arriving at Hanoi Train Station, a major station of Vietnam railways serving as the terminus of 5 active routes in the national network.

The French built railroad tracks take up nearly the entirety of the today “train street”. Every day, there are still-functioning 118-year-old trains hurtling through a series of narrow streets in bustling Hanoi. In the recently years, the incredible Hanoi train street has become a hub for world travelers looking for a unique social media photo post.

Long Bien Bridge
* * *
Hanoi railway station opened in 1902, which was partly damaged in the Vietnam War in 1972, but much of the area is still preserved. Unknowingly, people working in the railway industry began to build houses on both sides outside the station, and just a meter off the train tracks.

Over the years, houses turned into small hamlets running along the tracks which is attracting both travelers and local visitors. Our Day in the Life of Hanoian will take you to the off-the-bitten parts, and show you the most incredible parts of the Hanoi train street.

Hanoian with Traffic
* * *

Looking for post-tour dining suggestions? We got ‘em:

Banh Mi 25
Serving Banh mi - Vietnamese baguette served with liver pate and fresh herbs.
25 Hang Ca, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Grill 63
With modern aesthetic, Grill 63 is ideal for special occasions or romantic dinners with the scenic Hanoi view on 63rd floor.
54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Hanoi Press Club
Fine dinning restaurant, serving both Vietnamese and international foods.
12 Ly Dao Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi