Pho bo

Top 5 Hanoi Street Foods

With commentary textures, reliance on herbs, and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, here we would like to introduce top 5 Hanoi street foods and how to eat them.

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Bun cha

Top 5 Bun Noodle Dishes in Hanoi

If you’ve tried one Vietnamese food, it’s most likely Pho. While in Hanoi, eat a bowl of a traditional Pho is somewhat of a right of passage. But if you’ve already eaten Pho and are ready for the next noodle dish, the “Bun” it is!

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The Best Banh mi in Hanoi

Where to Try the Best Banh mi in Hanoi

Known as one of the best foodie destinations in Asia, Hanoi is home of both traditional Vietnamese food and fusion cuisines – including the French influences. Among the dishes originated from the colonial French, Banh mi is the undisputed king.

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