Bun Cha Ta Nguyen Huu Huan

Where to Eat Bún Chả in Hanoi Like a Traveler

Bún chả, or grilled pork with rice vermicelli, is one of Hanoi’s most delicious street dishes. It includes charcoal grilled pork patties and slices of pork belly, cooked fish sauce, rice vermicelli, and fresh herbs. The combination features the pleasure of the grilled meat, the tempting sweet-sour tastes from the sauce and refreshing flavors from the herbs.

Vegan bun rieu

Vegan Restaurant Hanoi: Chayfood

The ‘Chayfood’ is a vegan restaurant located on the eastern fringe of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, it’s just steps away from the famous Café Giang’s egg coffee on Nguyen Huu Huan Street, and about 5 minutes walking from the red bridge at Ngoc Son Temple. The restaurant is on a big street, so it’s quite easy to find.

First lines of Truyen Kieu

History & A Glimpse of Vietnamese Alphabet

On our food walking tours, the most famous Vietnamese soup, phở, often confuses our clients with the word “Phố” (street). We also received questions related to our language, like “why does written Vietnamese look like English?”.

Buffalo Joe

Meet Your Foodie Guide Buffalo Joe

My name is Buffalo Joe, and I go by Joe. I’ve created this site to offer private Hanoi food tours, and other foodie experiences with first-hand connections in Hanoi, that are deeply enriching for foodies and cultural travelers.

Evening Hanoi Food Tour

The Best Evening Hanoi Food Tour

We love street eats and see it as the best way to explore a city, so we always prioritize a new city visit with a guided food tour. In our most recent vacation to Vietnam, a friend of us from New York recommended us Flavors of Hanoi for a private Hanoi Food Tour.

At Bun Cha Obama

Join Us in Perusing the Hanoian Palate

Food is the purest example and expression of an entire cultural and regional identity. The best way to discover more about a foreign city, especially one that’s as rich in history and culture as Hanoi, is through an exclusive gastronomic experience in the form of an intimate, and intuieractive tour with a local foodie guide.