Vegan Vi Lai

The Absolute 5 Best Places to Eat Vegan in Hanoi

Being vegetarian travelers used to be a real challenge in Hanoi, but it’s not anymore! As the vegetarian dining scene has blossomed in the last decade, and there are more vegan friendly places in Hanoi than ever.

Bun oc

25 Street Foods in Hanoi to Satiate Your Hunger

Hanoi’s been known as a melting spot of street eats. Foods are served from a cranky bicycle, on the edge of bustling streets full of motorbikes, on sidewalks appropriated by sea of plastic stools, in a memorable passageway a meter wide, and right at someone’s doorstep.

Brown Black Vietnamese Coffee

A Supreme Guide to Vietnamese Coffee

You don’t have to go looking for great coffee in Vietnam. Great coffee finds you. It’s everywhere. In cafes, on sidewalks, at corners, refurbished houses, and on bicycles ply by smiling vendors. Coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s a way of life in this country.

Cafe Thai

10 Hanoi Coffee Shops to Truly Feel the City

You can have a great coffee anywhere in Hanoi, but there are much more to experience beside sipping a delicious cup of coffee in these Hanoi coffee shops, largely because of their plethora of interesting and unexpected traits.

best chicken pho in Hanoi

Where to Eat the Best Chicken Pho in Hanoi

If beef is not a favorite kind of meat you want for pho (noodle soup), try chicken. There are two versions of pho, beef pho and chicken pho. Hanoi is known as the best place in the world to eat both chicken and beef noodle soups.

The Hanoi Opera House

A Complete Guide to Hanoi French Quarter

Visitors to Hanoi are not only amazed by the incredible tangles of electrical wires and its unique traits in architecture, but also dazzled by the sparkling European treasures laid by the colonials in the French Quarter.

Pho thin Lo Duc

Where to Eat the Best Pho Bo in Hanoi French Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter’s obviously home to some of the best Pho bo in the city, but the French Quarter’s also proud to have its own destinations. These restaurants have been serving this only-one-dish since the French was still colonizing the country.