Vietnam reopened

Vietnam Fully Re-opened Borders: Here is What You Need to Know!

March 16th marks exactly two years since we saw our travelers off at Hanoi airport and borders closed, Vietnam is now fully reopened its borders. Visitors entering Vietnam only need to be tested negative for Covid-19 and do not have to quarantine themselves, said the Ministry of Health.

Cua Bac Church

French Colonial Houses in Hanoi

Statistics show that there are nearly 3000 French colonial houses in Hanoi, including colonial public buildings, villas, and townhouses built by the French between 1890 and 1930. The most recognizable feature of Hanoi’s French houses is that they were built in two floors (a few have more than two), painted with light yellow lime, and highlighted with blue wooden windows. 

Jade mountain temple hanoi

Hanoi’s Famous Pagodas and Temples to Visit in 2022

As we talked about religious beliefs in Vietnam, Vietnamese venerate their ancestors at home, honor national heroes in temples, worship protective spirits in communal houses, and pray to Buddha in pagodas. Been the cultural center of Vietnam since 1010, Hanoi has so many religious places with unique architectures and beliefs to see and learn.

One pillar pagoda

Ancestor Veneration & Religious Practices in Vietnam

Our guided Hanoi food tours occasionally walk our clients to a pagoda, where we were often asked what’s the difference between pagoda and temple, are they not the same religious place? If you also happen to be interested in learning about the local religious practice, this blog post is for you!

second floor of Madame Hien

Hanoi’s Best Local Restaurants to Visit in 2022

Though started the national vaccinating campaign quite late comparing to many other countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has got more than 80% of its citizens fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 by the end of 2021. It’s now the time of getting back throughout the country, regular international flights are set to open from January 1st, 2022.

slice of pizza 4ps

Visit the Pizza 4P’s Trang Tien

Since their first pizza restaurant opened in 2011, the Japanese founders – Yosuke Masuko and his wife Sanae, have successfully scaled up their business with new locations opened across Vietnam. In the capital Hanoi, their Pizza 4P’s customer satisfaction scores are among the highest of the F&B industry.