Best Pho bo in Hanoi Old Quarter

Where to Eat the Best Pho Bo in Hanoi Old Quarter

Since Pho bo (beef noodle soup) is one of the most iconic street foods in Hanoi, many travelers asked us for our picks of the best Pho bo to eat in Hanoi Old Quarter. Hence, this brief article post tells you where they are.

What is Pho

An Unrivaled Guide To Vietnamese Pho

As a foodie guide taking many travelers on our food tours, one of the most frequently asked questions we received when it comes to trying Pho is “What exactly is Pho, what is not?”

Hoa thien ly xao

Vietnamese Culinary World Records

We have recently received an email from our customer in Michigan, asking us about the five world records that Vietnamese culinary and what they should know about Vietnamese food in general.

Hanoi West Lake Shrimp Cake

Hanoi West Lake Shrimp Cake

The most well-known Hanoi shrimp fritter is West Lake shrimp cake, it’s made of shrimp caught from Hanoi West Lake or the nearby Red River. For many Hanoian today, the West Lake shrimp cake still remind them of their childhood’s big treat!

Hanoi Steamed Carp Fish

Hanoi Steamed Carp Fish

My wife loves white meat, so she prefers chicken or fish for our daily dinner. Therefore, we eat fish about 3 times a week (I know, it’s kind of too much fish). Speaking of fish dishes, steamed carp fish is our favorite because its meat is sweet and soft.

Hanoi Banana Tapioca Pudding

Hanoi Banana Tapioca Pudding

Following the WW II, a war began among the British, French and Vietnamese for the control of Vietnam. Probably, it was when the British introduced sago pudding, a sweet dessert made with cream.

Hanoi Sweet and Sour Soup

Hanoi Sweet and Sour Shrimp Soup

Hanoi Sweet and Sour Shrimp Soup is one of our traveler’s favorite dishes on our Hanoi cook class, they specially love the taste of the broth as well as the selective ingredients that we put into the soup. If you are thinking of cooking an authentic Vietnamese soup, this soup it is!

Hanoi Sweet Corn Pudding

Hanoi Sweet Corn Pudding

Hanoi is known as one of the best foodie destinations in Southeast Asia, travelers on ou Hanoi food tour totally agreed with the evaluation. Beside noodle dishes such as Pho bo, Bun Cha and Banh mi, Hanoi is also known for being a home of authentic Vietnamese puddings.

Vietnamese coffee with ice cream

Vietnamese Coffee with Ice Cream

French colonists used sweetened condensed milk to lighten the bitter brew in Vietnam. During the World War II, Europeans transported coffee mixed with chicory root to stretch the coffee flavor.