Hanoi Cooking Class

– Exclusive Home Hosted Cooking Class For Cultural Travelers –



Suggested 9h00, 17h00


3 Delicious hours

Tour Type

Private tour

Tour Cost

$85 Per Person

Group Size

Maximum 8 travelers


Walk, Cook & Eat.


Vegans & Allergies are accommodated.


Tour run shine or rain

Hanoi Cooking Class DESCRIPTION


Local markets in the outskirts of Hanoi feature breathtaking arrays of fresh veggies, fruits, and local produces that thrive in peaceful villages along the fertile flood plains of the Red River. We invite you to explore these incredible ingredients at a wet market before learning to cook several locally loved Vietnamese dishes during our exclusive Hanoi home hosted cooking class.


Begin with a tour to Ngoc Lam Market, where you’ll go for a stroll while the chef is showing us different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herds typically used in Vietnamese dishes, including familiar ones such as lemon grass, green onions, hot chili and mints, as well as those that might be new to you, like Vietnamese coriander, piper lolot and purple perilla leaf.

Enjoy a private, hands-on cooking demonstration, you’ll thinly slice reddish-purple banana flowers and put them into the lime-juice water, pound roasted peanuts into ice powder, and carefully wrap rice paper with fresh herbs. That’s traditional cooking techniques, direct from the heart – the way Vietnamese food was meant to be prepared.

With tips on presentation for a hearty food of the North and chopstick usage before savoring your culinary creations, this Hanoi Cooking Class will activate our five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell that will delight and inspire lovers of Vietnamese cooking.

While our food tours remain great choices if you’re interested mainly in the food and markets themselves, this cooking option is recommended if you want to gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese home cooking.

Note: You can request to learn how to cook the Vietnamese dishes you love, or our chef will suggest the menu based on what’s in season.

Hanoi Fresh Dill


Prices quoted are on a per person and a private group bases

3 – 5 PAX
6 – 8 PAX




Cooking menu varies according to travelers’ preferences

Wet Market Hanoi

Cho Hanoi

Hanoi Wet Market

Qua Gac Hanoi

Qua Gac

Star & Gac Fruits

Cooking Demonstration

Our Chef

Demonstration by Our Chef

Canh Chua

Hanoi Sour Soup

Nau Canh Chua

Cha Ca

Hanoi Grilled Fish with Dill

Grilled Fish

Ga Xao Nghe

Chicken Fries Turmeric

Ga Xao Nghe


Hanoi Vegetable Market
* * *
Long Bien District is an urban district on the eastern outskirt of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. In the recent years, the district has been well-known as one of the fastest growing districts in Hanoi, especially in infrastructure.

Local refers to Long Bien as home of fresh local produces, such Ngoc Lam and Long Bien Markets. Our Hanoi Cooking Class includes a market food tour before learning to cooking traditional Vietnamese food at our chef’s home.

Hanoi Front House
* * *
Long Bien, literately translated as “Dragons Interweaving”, was named for the capital of Van Xuan – a name of Vietnam in the 6th century. The district includes Gia Lam Airport, Long Bien Railway Station, Gia Lam Market and Long Bien Bridge.

The famous Long Bien Bridge was built in 1899 by the architects Daydé & Pillé of Paris, and opened in 1903. Though it was heavily bombarded during Vietnam War due to its critical position, as the only bridge at that time across the Red River connecting Hanoi to the main port of Haiphong, it’s still a historic French bridge featuring daily life of Hanoians on both sides of the river.

Hanoi Green Vegetable
* * *

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