Visit the Pizza 4P’s Trang Tien


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Since their first pizza restaurant opened in 2011, the Japanese founders – Yosuke Masuko and his wife Sanae, have successfully scaled up their business with new locations opened across Vietnam. In the capital Hanoi, their Pizza 4P’s customer satisfaction scores are among the highest of the F&B industry.

Located centrally in the heart of the city center, the Pizza 4P’s Trang Tien is just two houses away from the famous ice cream factory – Kem Trang Tien, a minute walk from the Hanoi Opera House, and a stone throw away from the legendary Hoan Kiem Lake. Moreover, the establishment is encircled by luxurious hotels, cafes, and boutique shops in the French Quarter.

Pizza 4ps Trang Tien

Whenever we’re fed up of pho or other noodle soups that are pervasive all over our city, the ‘Pizza for Peace’ is a great alternative with its own unique dough and flare. The one on Trang Tien Street is the favorite location with five modern chambers on two floors, so we can almost always find a table we wish. 

Yesterday, we’re after some slices of pizza so we agreed to meet up at the slick and chic Trang Tien location, reservation made easily through its operating system. Upon arrival, we were taken to a stone table in a quiet chamber behind its two large and impressive mosaic pizza ovens.

pizza 4ps ovens

On our previous visits, we already sat in front of the ovens and enjoyed the food while seeing them working on the pizzas. Watching how much expertise and care they put on preparing every pizza, as well as the final checks for any burnt base or undesirable bits was mesmerising.

While waiting for our third person in the party to show up, we strolled upstairs and saw an empty table by the large windows so we asked if we could move there. The friendly waitress, after checking their reservations, was happily telling us we can make the move. So, we ended up with warm sunlight while watching the whole floor. Thank you, the super helpful and very friendly staffs!

pizza 4ps first floor

The menu features appetizers and salads with green vegetable grown from the central highland of Dalat, natural farming for seafood spaghetti and house-made cheese. The vegetarian pizza includes four choices with eggplant and mushrooms, while the desserts cover chocolate and vanilla ice cream flavors. The drink menu offers a wide selection of fresh juice, coffee, and Italian wines.

pizza 4ps starter

pizza 4ps spaghetti

We had one lantern salad, one half Camembert and half cheese pizza, one Bolognese with smoked Burrata, one half salmon miso cream pizza and half soy garlic beef pizza, and one carafe of Frizzante Roso natural wine. Since we brought our own bottle of red wine from Toscana – the Insoglio del Cinghiale 2016, so we paid 200.000d for the corkage charge. The total bill was 1.343.000d, about 58 USD, which was very fare price!

pizza 4ps half half

beef pizza 4ps

pizza and Italian wine

The venue was packed but service was attentive and the food was served quickly! The pizza and cheese were to die for, the dough was like it melt in the mouth while the toppings were so surprisingly flavorful, and, we admit it – it’s one of the best pizzas we’ve ever eaten. 

slice of pizza 4ps

With such a great pizza experience we had; we’re confident to recommend Pizza 4P’s whenever you want a slice of local pizza in Vietnam. Here is our favorite location, steps away from the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi. 

Pizza 4P’s Trang Tien

  • 43 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • 028 3622 0500
  • 11h00 – 21h00

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